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Meet Carlos, R&D Prototyping Engineer at Traxial

Meet Carlos, R&D Prototyping Engineer at Traxial. In this interview, he talks about how he lives one of our culture values: #SpeakUp.

What’s it like working as a mechanical engineer at Traxial? 

For me, working at Traxial is what I call real engineering. You have to solve the problem, then you do a small research and investigation, find your solution, and finally solve the problem you originally had. To be honest, I would advise to every engineer to do something like that at least once on their career.

Why is speaking openly so important to you? 

For me, it’s very important that everyone works in a nice working environment. That’s a must.

If we actually want to deliver high quality projects, every friction, conflict, or different opinion must be discussed in order to reach this nice working environment.

What would you advise others? 

Looking back at the day I started at Traxial, I would advise myself to produce constructive and solution oriented feedback, as that is a must for any R& D environment. And on top of that, Traxial being a small company, it’s easier to speak up and be listened to. So why wouldn’t you do it?

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