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Marc Beulque Appointed as CEO of Axial Flux Motor Developer Traxial

Marc Beulque Traxial

Kortrijk, Belgium, October 1, 2021 – With his previous roles as General Manager PDS, VP Operations and R&D of Rogers’ Power Electronics Solutions, and VP Global Operations at Rogers Corporation, Marc Beulque brings >20 years of technology development and international management experience to Traxial, the ground e-mobility subsidiary of Magnax. Since early 2020, when he joined Magnax, his extensive knowledge of New Product Development processes, EV automotive, and industrialization of hardware products has been instrumental in accelerating the development and future market introduction of the promising axial flux technology.

Traxial, a Magnax subsidiary

Axial flux motors, already picked up by large OEMs such as Mercedes, are the new generation of EV powertrains, bringing modularity, weight reduction, and additional vehicle range. Since axial flux is a newer innovative electric motor category with broad potential in different markets, Magnax embraces the mission to valorize its technology into market-specific products that significantly outpace the current solutions in their respective markets. Magnax’s base technology, yokeless axial flux electric motors, is penetrating multiple industries and is a particularly strong fit for e-mobility use cases such as electric road vehicles and electric aircraft. Since these markets differ in terms of market introduction, customer and certification requirements, the Magnax founding team decided to create separate companies that focus on developing optimal axial flux solutions for their respective markets.

The mission of the Traxial management team, led by Marc Beulque as CEO, as well as the fast-growing team of already more than 30 employees, is to accelerate the development of yokeless axial flux motor and inverter solutions that excel in power density, efficiency, and reliability for the ground e-mobility market. “At Traxial we are convinced that, in the future, our axial flux technology will provide OEMs with the most compact, lightweight and efficient powertrain solutions,” says Marc Beulque. At the same time, the team is doubling the pilot prototyping facility and adding a state-of-the-art motor test bench in Kortrijk, Belgium.

For the manufacturing industrialization part, Traxial is collaborating with manufacturing partners who are well-established in the automotive world. Traxial will now work with OEMs and Tier1s to co-develop new axial flux EV platforms that will play an important role to help the automotive industry transition from internal combustion engines to achieving CO2 neutrality by 2035.

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