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Working at Traxial

Our team is developing the groundbreaking motor technology of tomorrow: an ongoing discovery!
It’s a journey where you’ll get to explore uncharted territories. Everybody has the autonomy to experiment and grow with a passionate team of experts.
Not a day goes by without learning something new!

We expect you to inspire and challenge one other, each in your own way.
40% of our employees are international and we strive to leverage this diversity as we innovate.

Together, we’re creating axial flux motor technology that excels in power and torque density, efficiency, and reliability.

Are you ready to take a great leap forward?


Traxial Company Value

Be Inspired, Stay Curious

We give you time and space to continually share your passion and develop new skills. Learning improves employee performance and supports personal and professional growth.

🎬 See what this means to Jacques.

Traxial Company Value 2

Create & Innovate

We empower you to create innovative solutions and leave room for trial and error.

🎬 See what this means to Jasper.

Traxial Corporate Value

Take Responsibility

We expect you to take ownership and get things done in scope and on time. Your colleagues trust you to do your job in the best possible way. You can trust them to do the same.

🎬 See what this means to Andrzej.

Traxial Company Value 4

Speak Up

We trust everyone to speak openly and without fear. We look at things from different perspectives and we count on you to share your views.

🎬 See what this means to Carlos.

Traxial Company Value 5

Go Further Together

We need you to inspire each other. Developing innovative solutions requires you to unite your individual strengths and potential and elevate each other’s performance. Together, we’ll get the job done.

🎬 See what this means to Hannes and Aurelie 

Feel Safe

We expect our team to be a group of individuals who feel safe sharing their ideas and perspectives, regardless of their position or background. We nurture a supportive and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged and valued. 


Traxial Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working

Affordable healthcare in Belgium

Hospitalisation Insurance

Traxial Company Car

Company Car

Eco Vouchers at Traxial

Eco Vouchers

Pension Fund Savings at Traxial

Pension Fund


Social Events

Traxial Holiday

24 Days' Holiday + Holiday Pay


Laptop & Smartphone

Working from home at Traxial

Hybrid Working

13th month as a Traxial benefit

13th Month

Permanent Training at Traxial

Lifelong Learning

Belgian fries at Traxial with meal vouchers

Meal Vouchers

Move to Belgium to work at Traxial

Relocation Support

Work Life Balance at Traxial

Work-Life Balance

Yearly Teambuilding at Traxial



Free Drinks & Snacks at the Office




Traxial offices right next to the highway and 4 km away from the railway station

Easily Accessible Office Location

Traxial pays your daily commute by bus, train, bike or car.

Paid Commuting

Belgians speak many different languages


Choose working in Belgium to access high-quality education

High-Quality Education

Pension Fund Savings at Traxial

Excellent Social Security System

Belgium is known for beers and waffles

Land of Many Delicacies

Living Standards

High Standard of Living

Affordable healthcare in Belgium

Affordable Healthcare

Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave in Belgium

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Cost of Living Index in Belgium

Cost of Living Index

Belgium is a central spot to explore Europe

Easy to Explore the Rest of Europe

Belgium doesn't have the most sunny climate

Terrible Weather :)

Considering moving to Belgium for a career opportunity at Traxial?

We’ll help you! Our diverse team of 48 consists of 19 different nationalities. Together they compiled a guide to help you get started in Belgium. Download their guide and feel free to reach out if you’d have questions about relocating to Belgium.

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