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Our story

Based in Belgium, Traxial is an enthusiastic, dynamic and ambitious company. Our goal is to be a driving force in the electrification of mobility by accelerating the innovation of powertrains.

Together with our customers, we develop, manufacture and supply high performance yokeless axial flux electric motor technology that excels in power density, efficiency, and reliability.

Management team

Portrait of Marc Beulque, CEO of Traxial BV

Marc Beulque


Marc joined us after gaining over 20 years of management experience at Rogers Corporation. At Rogers, he held several positions including General Manager PDS, Vice President PES Operations and R&D, developing and manufacturing power electronics solutions for high power markets, including EV/HEV, mass transit and renewable energy. He served as Rogers’ Vice President of Global Operations and Executive Officer overseeing the global operations of the company.

As CEO of Traxial, Marc leads the development and execution of the company’s long-term strategies and reports to the Board of Directors.

Guy Proth


Guy is a globally experienced supplier development and quality assurance manager, in the automotive industry. Including service as certified IATF Lead Auditor and CB Representative. He gained most of his experience at Philips, with about 15 years as an expat in multiple countries, high-tech manufacturing.

At Traxial, he’s leading the organization through the different stages of supply chain development and quality systems implementation.

Portrait of Guy Proth, Director Quality and Supply Chain of Traxial BV
Portrait of James Byatt, Director Technology Strategy & Commercialization Strategy at Traxial BV

James Byatt

Director Technology Strategy & Commercialization

James brings over two decades of experience in the automotive, aerospace, and motorsport industries. He has a strong technical background and frequently worked in close cooperation with customers. 

He holds a master’s degree in Motorsport Engineering and Management. 

In his current role in Traxial, he has responsibility to lead the roadmap for the successful commercialization of our technologies, in close cooperation with the key stakeholders of the company.

Gianluca Lioce


Gianluca gained experience at several Tier1 suppliers in the automotive industry. 

He holds a Master’s in Motorsport Engineering.   

Gianluca leads the team that focuses on system requirements, system simulation, systems integration, motor controls and system validation of the motor and electric drive unit. He’s also responsible for project management.  

Portait of Gianluca Lioce, Systems Engineering Manager & Project Portfolio Manager at Traxial BV
Portrait of Liesbeth Pattyn, Human Resource Business Partner of Traxial BV

Liesbeth Pattyn


Liesbeth gained experience at several B2B companies in various strategic HR roles.

She holds a Master’s in Law and General Management.

Liesbeth is ensuring that the HR structure at Traxial supports our steep growth; providing our employees with an exceptional experience is one of the key aspects.

Matthias Vercruysse


As a financial executive at international companies for more than ten years, Matthias has extensive experience in a variety of financial roles.

His academic background includes master’s degrees in Business Economics and Fiscal Law.

As the Finance and Accounting Manager at Traxial, he is responsible for leading the team that implements accurate financial processes and analyses financial data in order to assist the business in making informed decisions.

Portrait of Matthias Vercruysse, Finance and Accounting Manager at Traxial BV

Our history

Our mission is to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) market by commercializing our high-performance axial flux eMotor technology, which offers  high torque density and highpower density together with high efficiency for electric vehicles in the ground e-mobility sector.  

Dedicated to ground electric mobility and setting its sights to be a leading electric drive unit (EDU) supplier, Traxial stands at the forefront as a high voltage eMotor designer, manufacturer and supplier to the automotive market and other sectors.  

The Traxial parent company, Magnax was founded in 2015 when  Peter Leijnen started with the development of a large size axial flux generator prototype for a wind turbine application.  

A year later, Peter met aerospace engineer Daan Moreels, who joined him as a cofounder. They strengthened the founding team by bringing in Kester Goh. With their complementary skill sets, Magnax started with a strong combination of technology development and startup experience.  

During the search for a strong product/market fit, the trio pivoted in 2017 from large machines for wind energy to electric motors with integrated cooling systems suitable for high voltage EV systems.   

In early 2018, the first Magnax employees arrived and the growth was set. With expansion from 7 to 21 employees, Magnax grew trifold in 2019. Amidst the challenges of 2020, Magnax proved the technology on the testbench, expanded the team, and securing a 16-million-euro Series A investment. 

In 2021, a brandnew name was introduced for the ground e-mobility department: Traxial.  With Marc Beulque at the helm as CEO, the Traxial team is positioned to scale swiftly, offering bespoke high performance and light-weight electric motor/generator units and EDU systems for automotive clients throughout the world and working in collaboration with OEM’s and Tier1 manufacturers to bring the revolutionary yokeless axial flux technology to the market at scale. 

Traxial embodies the spirit of innovation with next-generation axial flux technology which is both scalable and suited for high performance powertrain systems. As we grow, our commitment to high torque electric drive units and high performance eMotors continues.

The name Traxial, merging “traction” and axial, not only captures the essence of our innovative axial-flux technology, but also our dedication to providing high performance axial flux eMotor solutions to reshape the landscape of e-mobility. 


Peter Leijnen

Peter Leijnen

Founder, Executive Director

 Peter is our technology expert. He founded Magnax in 2015, after gaining over 25 years’ experience as a mechanical and mechatronics motorer. He holds several patents, and is responsible for technological strategy, innovation & intellectual property development at Traxial. 

Daan Moreels

Cofounder, Executive Director

Daan has over 20 years of experience in commercial roles and has been involved in several technology startups as cofounder and advisor. During the early days at Magnax, his focus was the development of product/market fit, value proposition, and attracting investors, employees, early customers, and partners. Today he supports corporate strategy, fundraising, and facilitates entry into new market areas. Daan holds a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering. 

Daan Moreels
Kester Goh

Kester Goh

Cofounder, Executive Director

With over 25 years’ experience in business strategy, venture capital, finance, and legal, Kester was involved in half a dozen technology start-ups. At Magnax, his focus is corporate development, legal matters, and investor relations. As Traxial CFO, he leads the financial team. Kester has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management and Law.

Investors and partners

Magnax’s goal is to commercialize our yokeless axial flux technology into a diversity of markets. Our Traxial subsidiary, on the other hand, as a high efficiency eMotor for EV and high-power density eMotor provider. Our Innovative axial flux motors technology opens new avenues  for vehicle developers. These advancements enable the development of vehicles that are faster, lighter, and travel more efficiently. 

In collaboration with our employees, partners and investors – who are the bedrock of our scalability, we are backed by investors and partners who embrace our long-term vision. They share our mission to drive a positive change in the world with innovative axial flux solutions that will drive the next generation of electric drive units. 

Our focus extends to working closely with customers and  partners, ensuring automotive quality and the rapid scalability of our eMotor solutions. As a high-performance motor developer, our range includes high voltage motors  and motors for hybrid systems, marking us as a leading force in the field. Our collaborations extends beyond the technology, inviting potential partners to join us in pioneering a better solution for the world.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for a brainstorm chat.

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