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Leveraging high performance eMotor technology, Traxial excels beyond the passenger vehicle sector, offering advanced electric motor and generator solutions for BEV and HEV systems and high torque electric drive units (EDU’s) tailored to meet diverse customer requirements. Fully adaptable to differing battery voltages, Traxial have designed systems from 400V up to 900V applications. 



The compact and high-power motor/generator design, characterized by its short axial length not only grants commercial vehicle designers the versatility in axle and drivetrain configurations but also supports flexible integration for high-voltage electric powertrains.  

The short axial length of our high-performance motor topology facilitates more creative powertrain configurations. A multitude of chassis and drivetrain layouts can be matched with the OEMs strategic platform choice.  

This innovation enables a variety of transmission choices, from coaxial to parallel offset, or direct drive systems with options for torque vectoring, all seamlessly incorporated with transmission cooling and inverter technology. 



Looking to the future, Traxial champions the next-generation electric drive units through optimized e-axles and integrated electric drive unit (EDU) solutions for high performance battery electric vehicles.  

Traxial are manufacturers and suppliers of high performance axial flux eMotor,  and gearbox systems (and optionally also the inverter) combined into one efficient and compact package. This integration not only cuts manufacturing costs but maximizes package volume usage, an asset for any vehicle type.  

The versatility of our scalable eMotor platforms permits electric vehicle developers and OEM’s to innovate and it is also possible to combine multiple motor with through-shaft capability onto a single e-axle with a modular approach, catering to a broad spectrum of electric vehicles, from high performance electric vehicles, hybrid powertrain solutions all the way on-highway or off-highway commercial vehicle fleets where the high torque capability adds significant value.


  • A complete axial flux powertrain for the size of a traditional EV motor results in more flexibility for integration and more space for the battery. 
  • The modular and standardized approach reduces the manufacturing and total system costs. 
  • Close integration between the motor and inverter eliminates the need for AC cables, increases system efficiency and greatly reduces electromagnetic interference. 

Get the technical data sheet of our latest axial flux motor, the AXF300-85s

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