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Meet Andrzej, Simulations Engineer at Traxial


Andrzej is one of our Research and Development Simulations Engineers here at Traxial. In this interview, we ask about how him and his team #TakeResponsibility. 

What’s it like to work as a simulations engineer at Traxial? 

It’s a very complex role and it also requires a lot of knowledge, but this also makes it very rewarding. You get to put all the theory into the model and this allows you to predict how the motor would behave. By assigning values, parameters and mathematical expressions, you can actually research on how to optimize the machine.

The role also requires a lot of responsibility. And if you put one number wrong, your mistake can be very costly and cause actually very serious delays to the project.

Do you feel this responsibility within your team?

I think that our team couldn’t do without it. So our simulations require specialists from different And you simply need to trust your colleagues, the skills and simply that they will get the job done.

After each test campaign, it’s very clear to me that I can really count on these skill sets because the measured efficiency of the motor always closely matches the results from our simulations. On top of that, I can really see the eagerness to self improve and desire to push boundaries of engineering.

How does Traxial help you take responsibility?

I can think of a few ways. So first of all, we get actually quite a lot of different tools, very advanced tools to do our job. We have also very clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Our engineers have different backgrounds, but Thanks to that, we have very complimentary skill sets and also from our management, we get freedom to fail.

Why did you join Traxial?

I really wanted to take part in the mission to commercialize one of the most efficient machines, motors that actually exist. And I really was motivated to work with the best engineers. I also found the motor industry as one of the most challenging branches of the automotive industry.

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