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Meet Aurélie, Materials Engineer at Traxial

Meet Aurélie, one of our Materials Engineers here in Traxial. In this video, she highlights the crucial role of teamwork in ensuring the durability and compatibility of our motors. 🚀

What’s it like working as a materials engineer at Traxial?

As material engineer here in Traxial, I am responsible of ensuring the durability of our motor, meaning that I need to work closely with the team to ensure that all of our material are compatible together.

When we are designing a new motor in Traxial, we are doing a closed loop between designer, process engineer, and me, as we have all the responsibility to ensure that our assembly will pass our requirement for the strength and durability.

From your perspective, what’s the key strength of Traxial as a company?

I believe that the strength of Traxial actually is our teamwork. Indeed, as it is easy to work close together, we can innovate and solve problems quickly here.

How has it been for your working for Traxial so far?

I feel inspired of working in Traxial because we can solve problems quickly and effectively. For example, once we had an issue during production, one weld was not working and all the production was stopped. Nevertheless, within one day, we could fix the issue with the process engineer and the production could run again.

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