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Traxial partners with CTRL engineering to validate its innovative axial flux motor technology

As part of the validation program of our yokeless axial flux motor technology, we sought a reliable partner with expertise in the design and commissioning of automotive test benches. We found the perfect fit in CTRL engineering. The company has vast experience in automotive testing programs. CTRL engineering supports Traxial by providing system and software engineering for our research test bed.

CTRL engineering’s support includes configuring high dynamic and high-speed motors, offering mechanical engineering assistance, providing guidance for high-speed data processing from various measurement sensors, and developing the real-time operating test bench control system. By collaborating with CTRL engineering, we are able to frontload our testing programs and gather the necessary data to inform our development programs.

This partnership between Traxial and CTRL engineering demonstrates the importance of rigorous testing and validation in the development of new electric motor technologies. By working together, we can advance the state of the art in EV powertrain solutions and it brings Traxial another step closer to commercializing a motor technology that has a significant impact on electric vehicle (EV) range, energy efficiency, and costs.

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