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Traxial Supports the Innoptus Solar Team

A few months ago, we decided to support the Belgian Solar Team, a team of engineering students from the KU Leuven who are building a solar car to take part in the Bridgestone World Challenge. It’s an excellent opportunity to play a role in bridging the gap between education and industry.

The Innoptus Solar Team, named after its main partner, is currently building its 10th solar car to take part in a 3,000 km race. More than 50 solar cars, built by students from around the world, will race against each other through the Australian outback.

The solar car showcases the potential of renewable energy and must be as efficient as possible. It’s perhaps not surprising then that a coreless axial flux motor is at the heart of their solar car. The coreless aspect aside, it’s clear that we have a common interest. We’re happy to be able to support the team with engineering consultancy to build its 4th generation coreless axial flux motor. On top of that, we also have the appropriate equipment available on our pilot line to support the ongoing motor and inverter development.

Recently, Stan Kelchtermans, High Voltage Engineer, visited us to validate some magnet gluing tests. In addition to engineering consultancy and equipment access, we’re also providing financial support.

Stan and Aurélie (Materials Engineer at Traxial) using the climate chamber to validate the magnet glue. 

“The timing was right for our company to play a part in this initiative and join forces with this innovative team.” Daan Moreels, cofounder of Traxial

There are several reasons why we decided to sign up for a partnership:

  • Initiatives like these push technologies to the limit and drive innovation. We believe both parties can only benefit from sharing fresh ideas and perspectives.
  • As a partner, you end up in an ecosystem with a bunch of innovative Belgian companies such as Innoptus, Bo-Solutions, Stewal, and many others. Companies that feel it’s their shared responsibility to bridge the gap between education and industry.
  • You get the chance to support the development of young people with lots of potential. Several of our team members were part of the Solar Team or similar initiatives.

“Initiatives like these are an excellent outside-the-box learning opportunity. As an R&D company, we’re the first to advocate the importance of continuously learning through collaborating in as many ways as possible.” Marc Beulque, CEO at Traxial

Above all, it’s amazing to experience up close how motivated this bunch of highly talented students is. Mark our words, this team stands a very good chance of becoming world champion at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023. The race starts on October 22nd, be sure to check their socials!


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