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Traxial presents at the 12th International Automobile Propulsion Systems Summit in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China 2024 – We’re thrilled by the tremendous momentum (pun intended) behind our cutting-edge axial flux motor technology, and we’re eager to share our progress. 

Our team composed of our Systems Engineering Manager and Project Portfolio Manager, Gianluca Lioce, and our Director for Technology Strategy & Commercialization James Byatt attended the 12th International China International Automobile Propulsion Systems Summit in Shanghai China (May 9-10, 2024). 

The event gathered more than 390 Industry Experts covering high efficiency ICE, Hybrid, eDrive and Power Battery Technology.

🎤 James Byatt took the stage to discuss #AxialFlux motors and the journey to Mass Production:
🔴 Unveiling a more efficient Motor Topology for next-generation powertrains
🔴 Achieving groundbreaking advancements in power density
🔴 Addressing current and future manufacturing challenges

You may read more about Traxial’s cutting-edge high performance axial flux motor technology here: 

See snapshots from the event below. Learn more about the 12th IAPS Summit here 
























Get the technical data sheet of our latest axial flux motor, the AXF300-85s

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